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Query: Is the Isle of Skye one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been? Answer: Yes.   Here’s the gallery.   Some repeats here, since my favourite photos from the trip as a whole were of people, but there we are. I found it hard not to approach different […]

Scotland – The People

The people you meet travelling in a place is what really makes it special. Here’s a collection of new friends, fellow travellers, locals, and strangers from my travels in Scotland. Landscapes and other galleries to come later. Click here to be taken to the gallery! Oh yes, the last image isn’t from […]

[NSFW] Nude

It’s been a busy time lately, but a lot of hard work is coming together to give the site an online print store and other cool things come June/July. Meanwhile, here’s a nude I shot recently. Prints will be available once the store’s up… as will some photos from my […]


I was at the aquarium the other day… … and while the rest of the exhibits were neat and all, jellyfish sure are especially pretty. There’s something in the fluidity of their movements that isn’t quite like anything else… the eye still follows their movements even when they’re frozen in […]

2013 in pictures

Below: collection of mostly unpublished personal photos throughout the year. Those of you who made this year great despite momentous challenges and hardships, thanks.   This year we… … kicked off the year right…   … and saw some pretty cool shows.   … met some real life Disney characters… […]

Hong Kong (and Macau) … again.

I’m getting deja-vu. About this time last year, I was in Hong Kong with a rangefinder and a 35mm lens. This year, I decide once again to bring nothing but a rangefinder and a 35mm lens on my trip back to see the old country. Last year, I brought the […]

Weddings on film

Weddings. It used to be that I would book a wedding as often as I could, working them, stressing out over getting the perfect shots. Stressful as it may have been, it was good fun, weddings are swanky parties you get invited to take photos of. Now that I’m in […]