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Hong Kong Protests

Not a photo post, as I can’t make my way to Hong Kong at the moment to cover it. But I had to share my thoughts.

I think most people know this, but I’m a proud colonial. I grew up under British rule, and I’m incredibly thankful for that. The alternative should history have worked out otherwise is infinitely worse. This upbringing led me to believe in modern, liberal, enlightened values… values I hold onto dearly. Amongst those values, perhaps even central to many of them, are the principles of democracy and self-determination. Despite the fact that it would’ve been tearing part of my identity away had it gone otherwise, I supported the referendum in Scotland for that reason. I continue to support that same spirit of self-determination in the city I call my homeland. Though I left well before the handover, in part because of my family’s anticipation of it, a large part of my identity rests on the idea of autonomy and self-determination for the Hong Kong SAR. The idea that promises made to Hong Kong when the handover was completed won’t be followed through in the most expedient manner sickens me. The current political situation in Hong Kong disturbs me to the core, and has done so for some time. I fully support the push for democracy at home, and raise my glass to you brave people who’ve been out day and night fighting for what’s right.

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