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Hong Kong (and Macau) … again.

I’m getting deja-vu. About this time last year, I was in Hong Kong with a rangefinder and a 35mm lens. This year, I decide once again to bring nothing but a rangefinder and a 35mm lens on my trip back to see the old country. Last year, I brought the […]

Weddings on film

Weddings. It used to be that I would book a wedding as often as I could, working them, stressing out over getting the perfect shots. Stressful as it may have been, it was good fun, weddings are swanky parties you get invited to take photos of. Now that I’m in […]

Hello world!

I’m totally reworking this site. Hang in there! This battle station will be fully armed and operational soon. Hope no silly religious fundies with robes and shiny swords come around to mess with it while I’m not looking! (If you didn’t get it, I meant Jedi) Update: 22:34 EST, 2013.11.18. […]