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Georgetown Law National Security Simulation Invitational 2018

I got back from the Georgetown Law National Security Simulation Invitational last week. While I can’t talk about the content of the things we dealt with, I can at least say, “WOW.”

Wow is the appropriate response, I think, to a bunch of things. Firstly, my colleagues on Team Canada were particularly deserving of a “wow.” I have such renewed respect for my colleagues… our students from University of Ottawa, University of Alberta, Thompson Rivers University, Georgetown University, University of Windsor, and the Department of Justice were all fantastic. I don’t think I’m boasting unjustly when I say I think Team Canada was the hardest working and most impressive of the four teams there.

Wow is also the appropriate response for the scope and scale of this simulation. It is easily the most impressive thing I have ever engaged in whilst in law school. Huge kudos to our professors and everyone who volunteered to come control the simulation… a team of 70ish people who ran us through the gauntlet of national security issues in 48 hours.

“I was blown away by the magnitude and sophistication… We have attorneys who spend their careers in intelligence, and we need them… the training that lawyers get gives them a special talent or knack for helping me, a layman — I’m a political science guy — to understand the implications of the law.”

– Lieutenant General James Clapper, the former U.S. Director of Intelligence

It was a hell of an experience. Plus, I earned my first challenge coin. That’s pretty cool.

According to the article Georgetown published about the event, the control team thought we were speaking in code when we were referring to cities by their airport codes. Is that really only a Canadian practice?

Anyway, apologies for not posting more to the legal blog since I opened this section of the site. There’s a bunch of stuff I want to talk about, but I’m trying to see if I can’t shop it around to some law journals first.