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Hello World: welcome to the start of a new law blog

As I work on revamping the site to more accurately reflect the type of work I do these days, I have decided to start working on a new project… a legal blog to reflect on pressing legal issues, especially in the field of law & technology.

This first post won’t have much by way of content, since I’m still working on redeveloping the site.

Just some housekeeping to take care of: I have posted my public PGP key to my site here in ASC format and in TXT format. I strongly believe that practitioners of law should do everything they can to keep their communications as confidential and as safe as humanly possible. To that end, because I am aware that PGP can be difficult and clunky to use, I am also reachable on Signal (send me an e-mail and I can send you my number on Signal).

Anyway, keep watching this space!